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Is the almost a decade since 2008, *GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES* has emerged as the latest trend in “Ayurvedic products & “Agro fertilizers and also in a Aquaculture services” Supplement are offers the best Micronutrients, fertilizers, organic in the Agricultural division and the best protein and vitamin feed development solutions in the Aqua-cultural division.

*GREEN CARE BIO SCIENCES* launched the *AYURVEDIC Division* in the year 2020 for the benefit of humanity and especially for health & society. Each *Ayurvedic Product* is carefully formulated to give the best results. 

Ayurvedic products

Gold Merry Herbal Hair Oil

Gold Merry Oil is one of the best ayurvedic products. It is an hair growth oil and it also formulated using fresh herbs from the dense forest of western ghats which is enriched with a blend of 12 essential oil herbs. It is a natural hair oil to fight hair loss and encourages hair growth, hair regrowth, baldness and hair thickening. Gold Merry Oil is also a nutrient-rich formula that promotes the healthy growth of hair.

Nourish and Revitalize      

Gold Merry Oil increases the blood circulation of the scalp area   prevents premature greying and hair fall. This hair Oil also leads to shinier, thicker and it helps in repairing damaged hair, and it works in even baldness.

Our Mission

Greencare Biosciences promotes clinical herbalism as a viable profession rooted in like ethics, competency, diversity, and freedom of practice.The Greencare Biosciences supports access to herbal medicine for all the advocates excellence in herbal education.


We work as a team to bring our significant experience in Ayurveda and best practices to bear in providing the highest quality products. So, We devote ourselves to continuous improvement, excellence, 

professionalism, and innovation in our work .


We act ethically and responsibly in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable for our behavior. We will bring respect, openness, honesty to our encounters and support the well-being of the communities we serve.


Green Beauty

All cosmetic formulas are organic.The majority of all ingredients are like herbal, ayurvedic, and natural.


Even now-a-days some cosmetic products are tested on animals. That is not the case for us.

Professional Care

All products we make are professional and have proven efficiency and No compromises.

Non-Toxic Formula

Don’t worry, all our oils, medicines, and other products are non-toxic. So, We do care about you and our specialists.

Personalized Experience

Each guest is our favorite guest. So, come and make sure that our products are exceptional.

We Love What We Do

As these products are made from naturally-obtained ingredients and it contains the minimal chemicals.

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